May 5, 2014

Updated ST5S model of  Smart Tweezers LCR Meter featuring compact form factor and OLED display has been released.

October 4, 20133

French and Russian user manuals are now  available for ST5 model of   Smart Tweezerss LCR Meterr

August 3, 2013

New optimized design of 2-wire tweezers handles of ST5 model of  Smart Tweezers reduces capacitance offset of test leads to a record-breaking 0.3pF

LCR Meter - Smart Tweezers, RCL Meter, Multimeter, SMD Component Identifier

September 10, 2012

Kenneth Wyatt of Wyatt Technical Services published a detailed review of ST5 model of  Smart Tweezers

Please click here to read the review.

March 28, 2012

IDEAL-TEK S.A., Switzerland, renown manufacturer of precision tools and instruments now suplies test leads for ST5 model of  Smart Tweezers

January 22, 2011

Video tutorial for small capacitance measuring with Smart Tweezers is now available on our support page.

click here to watch the tutorial.

April 26, 2010

David L. Jones of  EEVBLOG published a
video review of Smart Tweezers.

click here to watch the review.

December 20, 2008

The Circuit Cellar magazine published a
detailed review of Smart Tweezers by Jeff  Bachiochi.

click here to read the article.

March 3, 2008

Advance Devices Inc. offers third generation of Smart Tweezers
- an  innovative way to test and identify Surface Mount devices.

Smart Tweezers
, a high precision RLC-meter and component identifier integrated with a set of tweezers.

Lightweight handheld device is ideally suited for PCB debugging, component testing and SMD components sorting.

The third generation offers optimized set of menus, improved precision and a new diode polarity testing mode, a new hold feature and more.


● Français ● Espańol Русский

New Smart Tweezers™ Model ST5S
and Task Kits have been released.
Model ST5S replaces Model ST5

 LCR Meter - Smart Tweezers, RCL Meter, Multimeter, SMD Component Identifier

Advance Devices, Inc. provides an expert solution for identifying, measuring, testing, and troubleshooting surface mounted devices (SMD) and leaded two-terminal devices - Smart Tweezers- a digital LCR meter in a set of tweezers.

Smart Tweezers identify both marked and unmarked SMD components with easy probing of all types of passive SMD and through-hole devices. The instrument measures capacitance, inductance and resistance with speed and precision along with secondary parameters such as capacitor ESR (ESR Meter). Q (quality factor) and D (dissipation factor) and Z (impedance) measurements are also provided.

Smart Tweezers LCR meter proves itself as an indispensable tool for SMT component sorting, in-circuit and on-board impedance testing and product debugging.

“When you consider the functionality, the accuracy (traceable to NIST), the ease of use, Smart Tweezers is a great instrument and a solid investment, in my opinion.”

Charles A. Schuler,
author of  the “Electronics Principles and Applications” book

“The Smart Tweezers let me instantly find the value of the capacitors I was using without resorting to a magnifying glass or expensive test equipment. The tweezers also provided a quick measurement of the loss and Q factors of the components, which let me design a better-performing circuit [...]  My partner and I are both thrilled that we had access to the smart tweezers.”

ECE 445, Beckham Institute, University of Illinois

We are proud that



and other R&D-intensive companies, agencies and production sites use Smart Tweezers LCR meter



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